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Product Code: MSC003-04
Tags: Exclusive Luxury Hijab (Glamorous Pink XL)

INGREDIENTS Non -Dairy Creamer, Malt Drink Powder, Cocoa Powder, Powder Green Tea, Sakura Powder, Gelugur Acid Extract (Garninia Cambogia), Green Coffee Extract, Oat Cereals (Natural), Mediterranean Citrus, African Mango, Ayurvedic Herbs, Senna Leaf, Vanilla Flavor, Extract Dates.

Q: What are the effects of the first week of taking Miracle Choco? A: Smooth excretion, reduced body inch size, frequent urination and the body feels light. The effect depends on each individual according to the intake of Miracle Choco and the eating style practiced. Q: Can maternity and breastfeeding mothers practice Miracle Choco? A: For new mothers, it is recommended to drink 1 sachet a day, but the mixture should be more liquid than usual to prevent the baby from having diarrhea. For mothers who are still breastfeeding, children aged 6 months and above can drink as usual Q: Can children drink Miracle Choco? A: No, only teenagers aged 16 and above can practice Miracle Choco with only 1 intake rate.

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M8008776 11/18/2021 9:41:08 PM